Bridesmaid Gift

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Suggestions

Your bridesmaids are usually your best buddies - those you treat like your own sisters. It's only fitting that you give a lot of thought to someone's bridesmaid gift, as a token of appreciation for their friendship and their support during your wedding.

If you're planning a theme or at least want something in common between all your bridesmaids, a practical bridesmaid gift is to give each of them the same piece of jewelry, say, a pearl necklace. Ask them to wear it to your wedding so even if they have different dress styles, that piece will sort of bring a bond your entourage.

This piece of jewelry doesn't have to be the genuine article. You can find costume jewelry that's pretty enough to be worn at special occasions. Drop earrings can be a good choice for a bridesmaid gift, too.

A terrific bridesmaid gift idea is to treat her at the salon. A bride is expected to pay for the entourage's attire, but salon expenses are usually shouldered by the bridesmaids themselves. This bridesmaid gift is double-purpose - you'll be giving her something she would be very happy to receive, and at the same time, you'll be assured that she will look her best during your wedding.

Another wonderful bridesmaid gift is something that may take some time to make but will be cherished by the recipient. Find an old picture of the two of you - preferably informal - have it enlarged and framed, and give it as a bridesmaid gift. It's unique and will be proudly displayed by your friend.

Here's one bridesmaid gift suggestion that may seem tacky but is also practical: Print out individual certificates for your bridesmaids, entitling them to get first digs at your duplicate gifts. It can be a load of fun, and you'll find the bonding during gift-opening time priceless.

Instead of returning duplicate gifts, why not give them away to each girl bridesmaid gift? It will save you the trip to the store and your girlfriends might actually end up with something they really need.

A bridesmaid gift that won't cost much is a music CD. It can be one containing her favorite tunes, or one with the songs both of you grew up with. If this isn't sentimental, nothing is!

Finally, here's a bridesmaid gift suggestion that won't cost you a penny (except, of course, for the wrapping or gift bag) and will most likely induce your bridesmaids to let out squeals of delight when they open them - anything from your room! It can be a belt that your friend had always been envious of or a bag that's out of production and only you have it.

If you have some piece of furniture that you won't be bringing to your new home, give it away as a bridesmaid gift. It can be a painting, a corner table, or your beloved study desk. Anything personal makes it all the more meaningful, because a bridesmaid gift should also symbolize your farewell to the bachelorette's life.