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bridesmaid gift

practical bridesmaid gift

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Show your bridesmaids your appreciation for all the help they offered on the most special day of your life. Choose from several suggestions here for bridesmaid gift ideas, and add your own twist to each one. For instance, engrave metal or glass pieces with your friends' names or get items in their favorite colors or in your wedding color motif.

Destination-themed bridesmaid gift

If you're having your wedding in Jamaica, find a souvenir from that place that would remind her of the occasion. It can be a hat, a wraparound skirt, or a souvenir T-shirt. If it's in New York and she's from another city, she'll love a mixed bag of I love NY souvenirs as a bridesmaid gift. One practical bridesmaid gift is a gift certificate for a dinner at a restaurant she's never been to before. Make it a dinner for two so she can bring a date along.

Wedding accessories

A bridesmaid gift that she can wear to your wedding and keep for future occasions is a wise idea. Give her a pair of dangling earrings or a necklace that can be worn again and again. This bridesmaid gift doesn't have to be genuine. There are reasonably priced costume jewelry items that look good and last long.

Don't limit the bridesmaid gift to jewelry, either; you can buy a simple evening bag or clutch that all of your bridesmaids can use. One other practical bridesmaid gift is a shawl that they can wear that day, especially if it's particularly chilly.

A bridesmaid gift you can create

Months before your wedding, you can prepare a scrapbook of all the fun times you and your bridesmaid had together. This is the perfect bridesmaid gift for someone who knows you inside out, perhaps a sister or a best friend. Scribble comments about events or things that only the two of you know. Be creative!

Prepare simple gift hampers holding things that she loves. An excellent bridesmaid gift hamper for one who loves pampering herself, for instance, should contain exotic soaps, exfoliants, bath salts, and natural sponges.

For the gourmet, choose a bridesmaid gift hamper that holds cheese samplers, maybe a small bottle of wine, and imported snacks. You can add packets of her favorite nuts or crackers and pate, too.

A box of chocolates

Chocolates as a bridesmaid gift? Yes, but the expensive kind, please. The Internet offers a lot of websites where you can find premium candy which aren't sold at stores. The great thing about this bridesmaid gift is you can schedule the delivery when you want your friend to have them, and they'll be brought fresh right at her doorstep, so you won't have to worry about chocolate melting in the trunk of your car.

Whatever you decide to give, make sure it's not something that's obviously picked up off the sale rack at a department store. If you plan on giving a common bridesmaid gift such as a jewelry box or a crystal wine glass, at least have it engraved with your friend's name.

practical bridesmaid gift
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